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Tiffany, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Tiffany


MGF Tatianna x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Charley, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Charley


Schrater's Cricket Sue x Cyder's Dapper Dan

Charlotte, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Charlotte


CLW Niadema x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Matilda Maisie, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Matilda Maisie


HAS Mars x My World Luciano

Gypsy Elise, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Gypsy Elise


Grand River Ella Bea x My World Luciano

Finn, Halfpint Hollow
Heather, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Red Ranger

b. 4-13-2015
Halfpint Hollow Spartakos x Hill’s Haven Roxy

Heather, Halfpint Hollow


Ellie, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Ellie

This petite dark red jennet is all sweetness. Ellie is a full sibling to our future herd sire, Luigi. She has an overall great conformation with a very wide chest.

(b. 6-16-2016, 20")


Grand River Ella Bea x My World Luciano

Julianne, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Julianne


Julianne was only 17 3/4" at birth and is staying small. (At one month of age...see halter pictures of her...she is only 20 1/2" tall.) This little red micro has a perfect well balanced conformation with a wide chest and nice straight legs. Is extremely friendly. Will make a fabulous herd jennet for anyone specializing in raising micros. She is not for sale as a pet.

(b. 5-20-2016, 17 3/4")


Halfpint Hollow Jasmine x My World Luciano

Jagger, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Jagger

Jagger is a stunning dark brown jack with black leggings, white belly, and red highlights on his ears. His dam, Niadema, is an "Old World Donkey," only a few generations back from Sardinian imports.

(b. 6-23-2016)


CLW Niadema x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Jasper, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Jasper

Jasper is a stocky little jack with a soft brown colored coat. We have always been delighted with what Cricket Sue and Dapper Dan throw and weren't disappointed this time. He is an extremely well balanced little guy and is a sweetheart.

(b. 6-8-2016)


Schrater's Cricket Sue x Cyder's Dapper Dan

Daisy, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Daisy


The bright red coloring of Eric the Red passed down to his granddaughter Daisy. She has a great overall conformation and a sweet personality.

(b. 5-27-2016, 22")


Hill's Haven Roxy x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Walter, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Walter


Walter has those stellar MGF hind legs that is a trademark of Tatianna's offspring. His dark russet red coloring of Spartakos' sire with the contrasting white belly and nose makes him a knockout. Possesses great conformation and a loving disposition.

(b. 5-26-2016)


MGF Tatianna x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Manny, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Manny

What a cute little guy with those bangs and personality to match. Manny is a well built little guy who will end up being the dark brown of his mother.

(b. 6-28-2016)


HAS Mars x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Sully, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Sully


Sully is a half brother to our gorgeous dark red jack, Spartakos, and appears will look much like him in color and in conformation, though will probably be shorter as is out of our Luciano.

(b. 7-11-2016)


Heiken's Ark Sunee Fox x My World Luciano

Rio, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Rio

A gorgeous dark red little jack who acclimated immediately to being in the herd. This easy going little foal, like all our others, loves to be petted, and has a great conformation.

(b. 8-22-2016)


KC's Roses Are Red x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Eliza Jane, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Eliza Jane


This little lady is the brilliant red of her dam Erica and grandsire Eric the Red. Great conformation.

(b. 7-27-2016, 20 1/2")


Halfpint Hollow Erica x My World Luciano

Simone, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Simone

Simone is a gorgeous tawny light red color with a dark red cross and a white blaze on her forehead. Great looking little girl!

(b. 8-6-2016)


Cyder's SunRise x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Dillan, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Dillan

Dillan would have you pet him all day if you had the time! He is a gorgeous dark red with an excellent conformation. (b. 9-2-2016)


Heiken's Ark Dessa Fox x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Bernie, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Bernie

Bernie would make an excellent future herd sire. He's staying small, has a wide chest and great conformation. His body and legs are a beautiful dark brown, with a contrasting white nose and red highlights on his ears. Very sweet. (b. 9-15-2016)


Cyder's Dapper Dan x Schrater's Becky

Halfpint Hollow Finn


This stocky well built little jack has possible herd sire qualities. He's a beautiful cinnamon red in color

and has a great disposition. (b. 8-29-2016)



Halfpint Hollow Firestar Rose x My World Luciano


Daisy, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Daisy


Daisy will be palomino colored like her brother, Danny Boy.  She has a white blaze, red cross, garters, and is solidly built.  Very mellow in temperament. 

(b. 8-13-2015, 22")



Heiken's Ark Dessa Fox x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Benjy, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Benjy


This little red jack has a sweet dished face, a small white blaze, and a dark red cross.  His red coloring comes from his sire, Spartakos, and his dam's sire, Short Assets Starfire. Excellent conformation and wonderful disposition. 

(b. 8-21-2015)



Frontier Legends Bonnie Gray x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Loki, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Loki



This exuberant little jack would make a great future herd sire or just a wonderful loving pet.  Loki is solid black with a well balanced stocky conformation, including a nice wide chest.  Will probably mature around 30". 

(b. 8-27-2915)


Hill's Haven Shadae (Lady) x Cyder's Dapper Dan


Roscoe, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Roscoe


Roscoe is a gorgeous dark brown with red highlights, black cross and legs, and a contrasting white nose.  This very correct little guy is extremely friendly.  (b. 9-3-2015)


LN Reylee x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Finnegan, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Finnegan


This well conformed little red jack has a nice wide chest and contrasting white nose and eye rings.  Very friendly.  (b. 7-8-2015)



Halfpint Hollow Firestar Rose x My World Luciano

Nicolina, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Nicolina


Nicolina is a stellar sweet little jennet with an absolutely gorgeous coat of shiny dark chocolate brown hair and contrasting white nose and eye rings.  She’s from our Old World jennet, Niadema and and our wonderful jack, Spartakos. (b. 5/20/15, 22 ½”)



CLW Niadema x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Barnaby, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Barnaby


Barnaby came into this world on the go…Was standing and nursing almost immediately it seemed!  He’s well balanced with strong hind legs and is red like both parents, having nice white high lights.  Very friendly.  (b. 5/29/15, 20”)



Schrater’s Becky x My World Luciano

Tadeas, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Tadeas

b. 4-1-2015

Cyder’s Dapper Dan x MGF Tatianna

Silver Fox, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Silver Fox

b. 4-10-2015
My World Luciano x Heiken's Ark Sunee Fox

Red Ranger, Halfpint Hollow
Cocoa, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Cocoa

b. 4-13-2015
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Schrater’s Cricket Sue

Rusty, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Rusty


Rusty has the look of Bambi.  Is very correct and the rich dark red of both parents.  A sweetheart! 

(b. 8-8-2015)



KC's Roses x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos

Ariel, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Ariel



Ariel has the gorgeous face of her mother, Angelica, and grandsire Stony Acres Pompei.  At this point she is a light brown with dark brown, black, and red high lights.  She has a nice wide chest and is very correct.  Super loving.  (b. 8-30-2015, 20 1/2")




Ass-pirin Acres Angelica x Halfpint Hollow Spartakos  


Lucia, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Lucia

b. 8-18-2014

Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Hill’s Haven Lady (Shadae)

Rianne (Maddie), Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Rianne (Maddie)

b. 7-31-2014
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x LN Reylee

Maggie, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Maggie

b. 7-13-2014
Halfpint Hollow Spartakos x HAS Mars

Angelino, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Angelino

b. 7-9-2014
Halfpint Hollow Spartakos x Ass-pirin Acres Angelica

Brigitte (Minnie), Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Brigitte (Minnie)

b. 7-3-14
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Frontier Legends Bonnie Gray

Jasper, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Jasper

b. 6-23-2014
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Grand River Jada Pink

Danny Boy, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Danny Boy

b. 5-31-2014
Halfpint Hollow Spartakos x Heiken’s Ark Dessa Fox

Seamus, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Seamus

b. 5-9-2014
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x MGF Venus Sashenka Blk 800

Rex, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Rex

b. 4-19-2014
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x KC’s Roses Are Red

Nina, Halfpint Hollow

Halfpint Hollow Nina

b. 4-10-2014
Cyder’s Dapper Dan x CLW#LN Niadema


Jenae, Halfpint Hollow

Jenae has that wonderful stride of her dam, a Reserve Grand Champion at both the Oklahoma and the Missouri State Fairs, coupled with an extremely personable disposition. Her conformation is stellar. Is a gorgeous shade of red passed down from her grandsires, LN Foxworthy and My World Bubba. Born 4/24/13 (22”)


Grand River Jada Pink x Cyder’s Dapper Dan

Bianca, Halfpint Hollow

Tiny little Bianca, 19 ½” at birth, looks just like her dam, Becky, receiving her red gene

and that of her grandsire, LN Foxworthy. And Becky looks just like Circle C’s Miss

Houston from whom she is directly descended. Very balanced look with wide chest and

Strong legs. (b. 7/26/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Schrater’ Becky FS

Shadow, Halfpint Hollow

Shadae Lady’s little Shadow, 20” at birth, is a stocky little lad. He comes by it naturally

with both parents’ having rugged, stellar confirmations.  Lady’s grandsire is Circle C’s

Black Russian and Dapper Dan’s sire is LN’s Foxworthy.  Shadow is very black in

appearance, but one can see his cross, so would classify as dark brown.  Such a loveable

little guy!  Would make a terrific gelding or jack.  (b. 7/29/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Hill’s Haven Shadae Lady


Tanya, Halfpint Hollow

What a classic beauty!  Tanya has those awesome MGF hind legs and looks like a little

replica of her dam, MGF Venus Tatianna.   The genetics of the wooly donkeys isn’t

understood yet, but Tanya’s grandsire, MGF Dr. Shivago, and her aunt, MGF Venus

Sachenka, are woolies. Tanya’s hair is extremely soft, but not long and flowing yet.  And

we can’t overlook the great genetics on her paternal side, that of Cyder’s Dapper Dan

and his sire, LN Foxworthy.  Tanya was 21 ½” at birth and, we believe, will be a lighter

colored version of her black/dark brown mother.  (b. 7/31/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x MGF Venus Tatianna


Jiminy Cricket, Halfpint Hollow

Jiminy Cricket is a gorgeous russet red. Since both parents, Cricket Sue and Dapper

Dan, are dark brown, he had to receive his recessive red genes from his grandsires, LN

Foxworthy and Sunset Acres Two Bits.  This friendly little guy was 21 ½” at birth and

would make a great gelding or jack.  (b. 8/14/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Schrater’s Cricket Sue Two


Renae, Halfpint Hollow

Such a tiny little velvet sweetheart…only 20 ½” at birth. Renae inherited the best traits from her dam and sire…a beautiful head and great width and depth of hips. Her lineage includes Redsonnehi and Foxworthy. This little girl is steel gray with black points, including her muzzle, and is extremely friendly. Born 6/5/13


LN Reylee x Cyder’s Dapper Dan

Foxalina, Halfpint Hollow

This sweet tiny little jennet was 20” on Day 1. We named her Foxalina in tribute to her paternal grandsire, Foxworthy, who was the same gorgeous dark red color. Her dam, Ella Bea, also comes from the well known red line of My World donkeys. She’s a beautiful, well balanced little donkey. Foxalina’s disposition is wonderful as well. From Day One, she would leave her mom to be petted by her humans…Just melts your heart! (b. 9/11/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Grand River Ella Bea

This little sweetheart has the nickname of Little Peaches.  Her disposition is extremely loving. Heather is a tiny replica of her dark brown white nosed dam.  Born at just over 19” tall, she no doubt will remain small as have both her parents and her siblings.        
Her pedigree includes Perfection Jet, Redsonnehi, and Foxworthy.  (b.8/25/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Storyland’s

Ricky, Halfpint Hollow

This gorgeous little guy with classic good looks, is dark brown with a contrasting white nose.  It appears he is going to have the strong conformation of his sire.  He has a great pedigree with grandsires being Foxworthy and Eric the Red.  Ricky is a super friendly little guy who loves attention.  (b. 8/17/13)


Cyder’s Dapper Dan x Hill’s Haven Roxy

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