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Roxy, Hill's Haven

Roxy is a gorgeous well built red like her sire, Eric the Red, who goes back to 758s DiDi and Red Beau.

Foxworthy is her grandsire on her dams side.  Back four generations are Valintino 50 and Nicodemus.

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Bonnie Gray, Frontier Legends

Bonnie is slate gray with a very pretty face and great conformation. 

She comes from a National Champion bloodline with Short Assets Starfire as her sire and dam Hiviews Maggie Lou Bug, also dam of Champion FL Cherokee.

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Roses are Red, KC's

This well built little jennet has The Fireman, Red Sonfire, and Redsonnehi in her pedigree going back to Valintino 50.

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SunRise, Cyder's

SunRise has great bloodlines with Red Sunset as her sire and Valintino 50 her grandsire.  Her dam is MGFs Venus Red Torre sired by The Fireman.

The good breeding produced a wonderfully conformed jennet!

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Mars, HAS

Mars is one of our first sweethearts, so is very special.

Her dark brown and great conformation come from both sides which includes Black top out of Top Gun and Black Pearl and 45 Magnum.

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Dessa Fox, Heiken's Ark

Dessa, a Flaming Fox daughter and Foxworthy granddaughter, is very well conformed donkey who is matriarch to our herd.

She produced our first Halfpint Hollow baby and has always been our wise guard donkey.

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Reylee, LN

Ella Bea, Grand River

Little Ella Bea has a Nike star on her forehead.  Her great conformation comes from a pedigree which includes My World Mork, Mindy, Buster, and Bubba, as well as MGF High Plains Strawberry.

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Jada Pink, Grand River

As a yearling Jada won her class and was Reserve Grand champion in a number of shows.

She is a leader with great form, out of My World Bubba and Perfections Xtreme Nuggin with Circle Cs Xtreme, Red Lightening and 758s DiDi in her background.

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Cricket Sue Two, Schrater's

Sweet Cricket Sue is a well built little chocolate jennet out of Two Bits with Red Sonfire and Redsonnehi in her background.

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Angelica, Ass-Pirin Acres

What a sweet gorgeous correct jennet!  Angelica, 31 ½”, is sired by the handsome Stoney

Acres Pompeii, grandson of The Fireman.  Her grandsire on her maternal side is Asspirin Acre’s beloved Arbor Ledge Little Red.  


Stoney Acres Pompeii x Ass-pirin Acres Angel Dust

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Niadema, CLW

Nia has that Old World look and for good reason as her sire is Nicolodeon and dam Niah who go back three generations to Luigi and Carlotta of Sardinia as well as to Luigino. 

Niadema has a nice wide chest and straight back .

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Reylees up close pedigree is old as her sire, Redsonnehi, and dam, Hallee, were 17 and 18 respectively when she was born.  Her pedigree includes LNs Nehemiah, Nolita, Nehi, Nitch, and Luigino, back to Luigi and Anna of Sardinia.

She has a terrific all around conformation.  Pretty face and a very wide chest.

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Sunee Fox, Heiken's Ark

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Tara Cotta, Daddy's

Tara Cotta has remained small and rich dark red in color.  It's difficult to find any thing but red in her pedigree which includes LN Red Sonfire, Rearview's Red Beau, and My World Buster.  She has an overall exceptional conformation which includes a well rounded rump and beautiful back legs.

Birth date: Feb 10, 2010

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Becky, Schrater's

Becky reminds us of pictures we have seen of her dam's grand dam, Circle C's Miss Houston.  Becky's grand-sire was out of Miss Houston and Red Lightening and most of that side of her pedigree is Circle C bloodlines.  On her sire's side are Schrater's Fire Storm and Fire Chief, directly descended from The Fireman.  This gorgeous jennet has remained small with a well balanced conformation.

Birth date:  May 8, 2010

Shadae ("Lady"), Hill's Haven

Lady is a stocky little dark brown/black jennet with a terrific conformational balance and strength, much like her grandsire, Black Russian. She has a great disposition and is first in line for attention.

Sashenka, MGF

Sashenka is our true silky black wooly.  What a sweetheart!  We couldn’t resist her when she kept pushing herself between us for pets at the MGF sale.  She’s our biggest donkey, but so very gentle.  Loves to play with the little yearlings.  Sachenka is sired by Dr. Shivago, a true wooly, and has Black Russian and Valintino 50 in her last three generations.  She has those wonderful stocky straight back legs that represent the MGF herdstock.

Tatianna, MGF

Tatianna is a gorgeous dark brown/black donkey from the MGF breeding program.  Sired by Dr. Shivago, she also has Black Russian and Valintino 50 in her last three generations. She has a very straight back with a lot of strength in her hips and back legs. Even though she was naturally shy from being with a herd on the range, she is now very friendly and loves attention.  It no doubt helped that her half sister and buddy, Sachenka, is so outgoing.

Mattie, Halfpint Hollow
Reylee, LN

Mattie served three summers as a therapy donkey for the international EAGALA Program.  Her exceptionally sweet calm personality made her a natural.  She is a small correctly conformed little red
jennet, carrying forward the best of her pedigree.  


b. 9-11-2013    

mature height:  30”

Grand River Ella Bea x Cyder's Dapper Dan

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Waseca is a very striking black jennet with gorgeous white eye rings and belly, looking much like her half brother Midnight Magnum and their sire Smart Derby.  Not only does she have a perfect conformation, but she also has a very sweet personality.  


b. 6-19-2014  

mature height: 30 1/2”

Ass-pirin Acres Licorice x Sunset Acres Smart Derby

Waseca, PDF
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